Loutet Farm

North Vancouver | Operated by the Edible Garden Project

Loutet Farm is located just off Grand Boulevard in North Vancouver, BC. We operate Farm Gate Sales on site that serve the immediate neighbourhood, and many customers that come from across the North Shore.

Loutet Farm, a sustainable social enterprise that facilitates social, environmental, economic and educational benefits for the community is the first step in building a plant to plate local food system on the North Shore.  Founded as a unique partnership between the North Shore Neighbourhood House, the City of North Vancouver and the University of British Columbia, Loutet Farm is an exciting project designed for local folks to become involved in and better understand food production and to have greater access to locally grown produce.  Employing underutilized public parkland provided by the City of North Vancouver, Loutet Farm will operate as an economically viable urban farm within a residential area. Funds generated through the sale of the produce will be directed back into the operations of the farm while creating valuable green-collar jobs for north shore residents. In addition, the farm will offer a range of courses centered on sustainable food production for both adults and children and will engage the local community in farm activities.

Products can be accessed at farm gate sales (E 14th & Rufus Ave) every Wednesday 4-6pm and Saturday 10am-12pm May-October. 

Retail (when available): Sprout Organic Market

Restaurants (when Available): Switch Café, Ethical Kitchen

www.ediblegardenproject.com/what-we-do/loutet-farm/www.facebook.com/LoutetFarm | @LoutetFarm

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