City Beet Farm

Riley Park, Mount Pleasant & Southlands | Vancouver | Operators Liana Glass & Duncan Chambers 

We are a small farm growing vegetables on front and back yards. We trade landowners vegetables for the use of their yards and we sell the rest of the vegetables through our 80-share CSA program. We grow over 60 different kinds of vegetables and flowers and use our bicycles and farm truck, Lyle, to transport everything! We are passionate about creating a stronger, more resilient and accessible local food system in Vancouver. The soil is our greatest ally and we care for it big time. We love what we do and are so grateful for the communities that support us. 

We sell our vegetables through our 80 share CSA. Our weekly pick-up is at 10th/Quebec from mid-June to mid-October. More details about us can be found on our website. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for fun times at the farm. | @citybeetfarm

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