What is urban Farming?

“Urban agriculture”:
The practice of cultivating, processing and subsequently distributing food in, or around, a village, town or city.

“Urban farming” (working definition):
A type of urban agriculture that produces food primarily to generate revenue. Revenue generating urban agriculture has also been termed commercial urban agriculture and entrepreneurial urban agriculture.

Urban farm” (working definition):
A portion of urban land where food is grown primarily for sale, or where the food is primarily consumed by someone other than the grower(s).

(2011 Urban Farming Forum Report)

What are the characteristics of a typical urban farm (in Vancouver)?

  • Is revenue generating
  • Utilizes organic/sustainable practices
  • Utilizes spatially and temporally intensive growing methods
  • Often takes place on multiple sites
  • Often collaborative in nature – between individuals, farms, and organizations
  • Often electronically documented via website, blog or other social media tools
  • Is, by definition if selling food, a business.

(2011 Urban Farming Forum Report)